Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry that is used to improve your smile. It is an alternative to porcelain veneers that can hide problems that make you feel less confident about your smile. Some of the issues that our doctors use dental bonding for are chipped teeth, tooth damage, yellowing, and broken teeth.

Why do you need Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is primarily an elective option for patients who are uncomfortable with their teeth. The bonding material is sculpted to reshape the tooth surface for a more natural and attractive appearance. Dental bonding does not serve the same purpose as inlays and onlays that are used to protect damaged teeth.

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What makes you a good candidate for Dental Bonding?

If you want to improve your smile by filling in spaces, lightening your teeth, and fixing other cosmetic concerns, dental bonding may be an option. The primary benefit of dental bonding compared to porcelain veneers is that it is typically more affordable for our patients. Our doctors discuss dental bonding during your appointment to help you make an informed decision about the treatment.

What happens during the Dental Bonding procedure?

Our doctors use their expertise and experience with dental bonding techniques to correct cosmetic concerns with your smile. A composite material is mixed before the procedure and colored to match your natural teeth. If you want to lighten your teeth with dental bonding, our doctors show you a color chart to help you find the best shade of the bonding material. The material is shaped to your teeth and allowed to set.

If you are interested in learning more about dental bonding or want to schedule an appointment for dental bonding, call our office today and one of our expert staff members is happy to help you.

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