At Elevate Family Dentistry, we understand that the foundation of a radiant smile is a healthy mouth.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Esther Yi, our practice prioritizes top-tier hygiene and preventative care services to ensure our patients' oral health is in peak condition. From routine dental cleanings to advanced periodontal maintenance, our team uses cutting-edge techniques and a gentle touch to ensure a comfortable and effective treatment experience. Beyond just cleanings, we offer specialized services such as prophy cleanings, deep cleanings, and periodontal maintenance cleanings to address specific dental needs and challenges.

Recognizing that prevention is always better than a cure, Elevate Family Dentistry is committed to comprehensive care. Our oral cancer screenings are essential in early detection, giving patients peace of mind and the possibility of prompt interventions if needed. Moreover, to protect and fortify your teeth, we offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants, acting as a barrier against decay and enhancing your teeth's natural defense mechanisms.

When you entrust your oral care to Dr. Esther Yi and the team, you can be assured of personalized attention and treatments that prioritize long-term health and beauty.

Hygiene & Preventive Dentistry

Deep Cleanings

At Elevate Family Dentistry in Renton, WA, we offer a comprehensive oral health service known as deep cleanings. This procedure goes beyond the surface of your teeth and gums to deliver exceptional cleanliness and promote better oral health. Led by our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Esther Yi, we ensure that our patients receive the best care during deep cleanings.

Dental Cleanings

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean requires more than diligent brushing and flossing at home. In many cases, plaque will build upon different areas of the teeth...

Periodontal maintenance cleanings

At Elevate Family Dentistry in Renton, we understand the importance of a healthy smile. Periodontal maintenance cleanings aren't just about keeping your teeth sparkling; they're about preserving the foundation of your smile.

Prophylaxis Cleaning

At Elevate Family Dentistry in Renton, we believe that a bright, healthy smile is more than just a sign of beauty—it's a testament to your overall health.


Sealants are thin, clear protective coverings that can be applied to the back teeth. They are meant to prevent cavities and deep staining that would otherwise occur if...