What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped "caps" that are placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, and strength, as well as to enhance its appearance. When cemented into place, crowns fully encase the visible portion of the tooth that is above the gum line. At Elevate Family Dentistry in Renton, WA, we specialize in providing patients with high-quality dental crowns to enhance their smiles.

Why Would You Need a Dental Crown?

There are numerous reasons why Dr. Esther Yi might recommend a dental crown. Crowns are an excellent solution for restoring broken or worn teeth. They also serve to protect weak teeth from further damage, especially those that have been weakened by decay or have a large filling. Dental crowns are also commonly used to hold dental bridges in place or cover dental implants. They can also provide an aesthetic upgrade for a discolored or misshapen tooth.

What Types of Dental Crowns are Available at Elevate Family Dentistry?

We offer several types of dental crowns at Elevate Family Dentistry, including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and full gold crowns. The best type for you will depend on the tooth location, function, and your personal preference. Dr. Esther Yi will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the right crown that suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

What is the Process for Getting a Dental Crown?

Getting a dental crown usually requires two visits to our dental office in Renton, WA. During the first visit, we'll examine and prepare the tooth, take impressions, and place a temporary crown. In the second visit, your permanent crown will be cemented into place by Dr. Esther Yi. Rest assured, our team will ensure you're comfortable throughout the entire process.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

The lifespan of dental crowns depends on the material used and how well they are cared for. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, most dental crowns can last between 5 to 15 years, some even longer. It’s important to maintain regular appointments with Dr. Esther Yi to ensure your dental crown remains in the best possible condition.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment for Dental Crowns?

We make scheduling your dental crown appointment easy at Elevate Family Dentistry. Simply call us at (425) 228-1521, and our friendly team will assist you with booking an appointment at a time that works best for you. We are committed to providing exceptional dental care in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Elevate your smile with Elevate Family Dentistry – we're your trusted provider for dental crowns in Renton, WA.